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Why I Love My Asus Zenfone 2

Why I Love My Asus Zenfone 2

I’ve had this phone for about a year now and would like to say that I know it pretty well. Reviews on the tail-end of a phone’s lifespan seem less important (I would recommend buying a Zenfone 2 now–go for the 3 instead), but they do give an idea of long-term satisfaction that some people may find helpful when settling on a brand. So here’s what I like:

  1. Reliable. I’ve dropped this phone several time (I have a clear TPU case for it), but it’s never stopped working. I do occasionally have to reset the sim card if it jiggles loose when I drop it, but that’s the extent of maintenance.
  2. Nice camera. It has a 13MP rear camera that takes photos like the one below, and his has a 5MP front-facing camera that takes decent selfies.Jpeg
  3. Software updates. Asus has consistently pushed updates to this phone, most recently on June 29th. It is nice to see a company take time maintaining their software for customers, over two years after the phone’s release in March 2015.
  4. Hardware. The 4GB of RAM is ample (too much almost), and even though the Atom processor inside isn’t bleeding edge, it’s still plenty fast for everything I’ve ever wanted to do (messaging, web browsing, Chess, and even Pokemon Go!). Plus, you get to be part of the 2% (maybe less now) of the smartphone market that runs not on ARM but on x86. This architecture is also the reason that it is possible to install Windows 7 on this phone. Why you’d want to, I’m still not sure…

The only real drawbacks to this phone are the size and battery life. The phone has a 5.5 inch display, which for some people may be ideal, but is a tad bigger than I like for a phone. Also, the battery life can be spotty if you’re a heavy user. I tend to keep my phone in power saving mode, and doing so allows me to end a 14 hour day of light usage with over 40% battery life

Small Premium Smartphones (My Ideal Smartphone)

Small Premium Smartphones (My Ideal Smartphone)

One niche market that I’d like to see more growth in is the high-powered sub-5″ screen Android phone market. Currently, the Xperia X Compact and its predecessors are the main players in this market, which also includes some other older phones like the S5 Mini.

I think in general it’s an untapped market, however. Apple’s iPhone SE has proved popular–for people who have smaller hands or who want a phone that can easily fit in their pocket, phones in the 4-5″ range are ideal. But 5, 5.5, and 5.7″ displays seem to be the norm for a lot of premium handsets–it would be nice to see more premium phones in a smaller form-factor.