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REVIEW: The Coldest City

REVIEW: The Coldest City

The Coldest City is a sparse, slow-burning, noir graphic novel set in Berlin near the end of the Cold War. A missing list containing the identities of all secret agents operating in Berlin (on both sides) is the linchpin around which this story moves.

As a spy thriller, the graphic novel is well set up, but knowing that it was a spy novel, I found some of the plot revelations predictable. Unfortunately, with spy novels, that’s half the fun–getting my mind blown by plot twists. That said, the graphic novel has an interesting set of characters and enough layers that, even with a somewhat obvious conclusion, it’s still worth the price of admission.

Also, The Coldest City is apparently the inspiration for an upcoming film? I did not know.


My Summer Reading

My Summer Reading

I’ve been reading an assortment of books this summer; my goal was to read more, and lately I’ve been finding more time to read (since exiting college and beginning work).

  1. Born Again, Chuck Colson
  2. Scary Close, Donald Miller – excellent book on relationships and the author’s journey from “public isolation” to a life of intimacy
  3. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Stephen King – this was a fun, shorter novel
  4. A Symphony of Sol, B. L. White
  5. The Coldest War, Sam Hart